International Students Services


International students

Get the necessary arrangements for your future

You will receive Airport pick up and accommodation services. Knowledgeable information and guides about
your new city and university/college. Receive information about program fees,
living expenses, visa requirements and get the necessary arrangements for
program registration, accommodation, travel and many additional services.

10 Important Student Services:

  1. Airport Pick up & Accommodation Service (help in sourcing furnished Apt,
    hotel, motel)
  2. Pre-arranged Cell phone number upon arrival ( 1 month
    Pre-paid service,)
  3. Academic Information
  4. Money & Finances Information
  5. Health Insurance Information
  6. HOUSINGAssistance
  7. Preparing to Come and Arriving in Canada information
  8. Canadian Culture Information
  9. Upon Arrival – Connecting With your university
  10. Important Links on educational institutions

Newcomer Consultation and
Relocation Services

Investors and Entrepreneurs Services
  • Welcome Services
  • investments
  • Property Management
  • Business start up
  • Legal services
  • Profile Management
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